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Alberwaz Insurance


Dear Valued Partners,

The idea of founding the company has evolved based on the future vision of a businessmen and experts to the role of the promising future of the insurance sector, the extent of the market and the urgent need due to the steady growth of the economy in the United Arab Emirates.

BIB Based on the spectrum, Al Berwaz Insurance Brokers was founded in 1995 as a pioneer in the world of insurance in UAE market offering all types of insurance services to its customers and in line with the evolution of the legislative systems developed by official bodies and authorities in the state, where the company is working to cover all the needs of insurance to its customers by studying and analysing the market risks in general and the client in particular, and to make appropriate recommendations to issue competitive insurance policies, which works to protect the customer's business and investment through the reduction of losses in the event of damage and leads to the increase of the customer 's confidence in the market and to work on the expansion of its investments and activities.

Al Berwaz was and still trying to reach full satisfaction to its customers by providing high quality of service through expertise who are working on risks assessment and management using the latest technical and technological means to develop effective solutions that lead to protect the interests of our customers and their investments, which will also contribute to increase their confidence toward our products and services provided to them to enhance the relationships.

We welcome and wish you further progress and success.

Ali Al Hameli